Daiquiri Release

Daiquiri Release

Daiquiri was released on the 22nd September 2021.

The Daiquiri release included the following bugfixes & improvements;

  • Clicking shipping highlighted both Shipping & Discount codes. Now it doesn't.
  • In requesting bank details for a refund, we can see how many times the details were requested.
  • Transfer Ticket email has been personalised to include event, dates and number
  • Clicking on Unsubscribe link on "Transferring email" took user to 404 page. Now it's found.
  • Untitled Current event was showing only in Past event list. not very useful.
  • User was incorrectly unable to downgrade plan in certain circumstances
  • Couldn't reset password if smart access, which was frustrating for some users
  • Duplicating event but not adding start & end times & dates causes hard error
  • Multi-date Mode - check time of event duplicated against current time
  • "Please choose a code" drop down design improvement
  • Transferring ticket misleading message - "Transfer was successful." when it was just initiated. that's been cleared up
  • Transfers - when cancelling transfer the update takes user to different tab
  • Transferred Ticket time shows in GMT instead of the user's time zone
  • Error with livestream encoding
  • Homepage menu dropdown appears out of line on some screen sizes
  • Box office layout messed up
  • Payment errors have been reduced
  • Widget timeslot traffic lights updated
  • Clicking "now" in calendar works 100% of the time
  • Magic checkout blank page reported
  • Clicking "now" in calendar now always works correctly
  • Livestream auto-closes 1 hour after
  • Traffic light system bugfix
  • Access code rate limit bugfix

New Features:

Reusable Ticket Questions
Released in Daiquiri Ticket questions are now re-usable, so you don’t have to keep creating the same question across tickets and events. When adding a ticket question check the “Save question and its settings to be reused for other tickets” checkbox. When you next add a ticket, choose from the
Improved Ticket Wallet email
Released in Daiquiri Customers Ticket Wallet’s contain all of their tickets for their entire festival. It makes finding their entry QR code much simpler, and speeds up queues. The ticket wallet email has been updated to ensure design consistency across most common devices. A neat scan-style border…

The Cocktail

Daiquiris are cocktails made with rum, citrus and sugar. They're best served Frozen, much like a slushee.

New Orleans loves frozen Daiquiris - especially Strawberry ones. Yum.

Credit: Getty Images