El Diablo Release

El Diablo Release

El Diablo was released on October 13, 2021

It contained the following bugfixes and improvements;

  • Transfers - Removed Unnecessary / redundant data from the table
  • Gift tickets improvements
  • Gifting tickets - Time shows wrong in 1st screen and time and date shows wrong in second screen
  • Organiser dashboard occasionally showing events are sold out when they are not
  • Cancelling/Deleting a date from calendar caused issues when trying to create a new date
  • Tickets for trees counter only to show in ticket wallet email
  • Creating a new ticket, but not completing the form, needed improvement
  • Bank details missing - improved error message
  • Box Office - Sell ticket link is missing to published event
  • Access Codes - limit on the availability - set for each code
  • Buy box calendar 'Wednesday' column is slightly wider than others
  • Title & Description Section title showing as Title & Blurb instead
  • Season Pass - Untitled New Ticket appears from nowhere in Season Pass
  • Season pass seems to be connected to ALL tickets instead of being connected only to the tickets associated to
  • Duplicated event's tickets not visible in the Ticket section
  • Season Passes - UI enhancement

New Features

Season Pass UX overhaul
Released in El Diablo The Season Pass functionality has been brought together in one unified UI for our Advanced Plan organisers. Season Pass is a versatile feature set that can be used to manage Sport Seasons, Festival Seasons, Annual Membership, Class Passes and more. To find out more, visit Seas…

The Cocktail

Fill your shaker with ice, a measure of a tequila and half that of Crème de cassis - a french blackcurrent liqueur, and a good squeeze of a lime. Shake. Strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with lime. Absolutely devilish!