Funky Monkey Release

Funky Monkey Release

Funky Monkey was released on November 3, 2021.

The Funky Monkey Release contained the following bugfixes and improvements;

  • Capacity Multiplier - The multiplier should be removed from the ticket info
  • Capacity Multiplier - Clarification in organiser UI
  • New Cornetto button hover state
  • Basket/Check out - Ticket Price showing in GBP instead of EUR
  • Hybrid event creation 'Open access to livestream for attendees' dropdown bug
  • Transfer as Gift - Delivery Now time fixed for non-GMT
  • Multi-date Mode - Duplicating Dates
  • Event waiting list display correction
  • Transfers - Failed! label improved depending on situations
  • Fix dates in Edit Profile > View Invoices
  • Season pass expiry display correction
  • Loading spinner improvement
  • Super trolley no longer shows events if Sales dates has passed nor if the events are sold out
  • Made clear that an event cannot be published without a long description
  • The link "Browse events " in the Ticket Wallet email takes to the search page

New Features

Generate stream key on-demand
Released in Funky Monkey You can now generate your stream server and key pair when you are ready to set up your streaming equipment or software pre-event, instead of waiting for the 20 minute window as before. Please note that stream servers expire after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you
Create Watch Again tickets after a show has finished
Released in Funky Monkey After a live stream show as finished, you may decide to continue the sale of Watch Again tickets for longer, or to create a new on-demand watch again ticket for a specific customer set. Extend the Sales End date of any event by visiting the Dates
Pay-out statement updated
Released in Funky Monkey The pay-out statement has been updated, to improve the break down events, dates, ticket sales, free tickets, refunds, income and VAT. You’ll find this statement attached to your Pay-out email after your event has finished. You can view historical statements by visiting Org…

The Cocktail

A Funky Monkey Cocktail is so-named because it contains a key ingredient - a whole banana!

You'll need a blender for this one! Blend up equal parts Havana Rum, banana liqueur, white creme de cacao, coconut cream, single cream, milk and a whole banana with crushed ice. Serve with straws & enjoy with good company.