Godfather Release

Godfather Release

Godfather was released on November 24, 2021.

It contained the following bugfixes and improvements;

  • Super trolley does not work if the add-ons are empty
  • Calendar not displaying when no dates are added
  • Removed booking fees from mini term sheet
  • Refund page - Please email:null bugfix.
  • Review terms & publish event modal bugfix
  • Discount code shareable link bug
  • Season pass deletions not working properly
  • Customer lookup improvement
  • Box office search reinstated
  • Various dark mode fixes
  • Gift ticket email displaying wrong year
  • Update the refund booking fees option on date cancellation logic (option removed for refund booking fees)
  • Search bar no longer visible with no events to search
  • Clicking on Dashboard link sometimes appeared Terms and Publish page
  • Tickets - Total row is not aligned properly with columns data

New Features

Usage Limit on Season Passes
Released in Godfather With your festival pass, season pass, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it membership pass, you can set a limit of how many tickets you are able to claim. For example, you could be holding a 5-day event, and want to sell a 3-day pass where customers choose which days they attend.
Access Code success improvement
Released in Godfather The UI has has been improved for applying an access code. Access codes are great for marketing campaigns, VIP tickets and more. Find them in Event Dashboard > Access Codes
Ticket exchanges always performable by organiser
Released in Godfather As an organiser, you can exchange tickets for a customer via the Sale view (or found via Customer Lookup) - now even if ticket exchange has been turned off. 0:00/1×If you find yourself always approving ticket exchanges, you can let customers perform exchanges
Traffic & Sales report auto-ending
Released in Godfather Switch on your traffic & sales report by visiting Event Dashboard > Sales Digest You can add multiple cc addresses to this report. Once your event has finished, this report will automatically stop delivering to your inbox.

The Cocktail

One of my personal new favourites.

It's pretty simple, and very tasty.

2 parts Scotch Whisky, 1 part Amaretto - serve on the rocks, garnish with orange peel - and enjoy.