Highball Release

Highball Release

Highball was released on December 15, 2021.

It contained the following bugfixes and improvements;

  • Name your Price - fees adding when moving to basket - bugfix
  • Remove categories from event search - regression improvement
  • Advanced search - Date range search bugfix
  • Default ticket title made blank - improvement
  • You can setup an XML file pre-populated with your stream key settings.
  • Event date/time now longer restricted to 5 min intervals
  • Cloned ticket info now updates real time on Calendar
  • Deleting event date bugfix
  • Ticket saved questions default set to ON
  • Box office ticket questions - dark mode improved
  • Ticket description update - bugfix
  • Images & Media continuation text - improvement
  • Helper message improvements on declined refund
  • Expired Season Passes should still be showing in the Season Pass list

New Features

Referral Scheme
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The Cocktail

You'll probably have had highballs without even knowing.

They're simple mixer cocktails, with a measure or two of spirit and the rest a (usually carbonated) soft drink - served with ice in a highball glass.

So Gin & Tonic, Rum & Coke, Vodka & Orange - all Highballs!