Improved Ticket Wallet email

Released in Daiquiri

Customers Ticket Wallet's contain all of their tickets for their entire festival. It makes finding their entry QR code much simpler, and speeds up queues.

The ticket wallet email has been updated to ensure design consistency across most common devices.

A neat scan-style border to help inform the customer that this is what's needed to be scanned.

An example of our ticket wallet email on a mobile device.

We've also re-thought how tickets are listed beneath the QR code. They are now listed event-by-event (as opposed to ticket-by-ticket), collating tickets for the same event together.

And the ticket options button dynamically changes when sent to accommodate easy ticket options depending on your event setup - such as self-exchange, transfer, and return.

You can customise our Ticket Wallet to your branding and colours! Ask your Account Manager today to find out how.