Irish Coffee Release

Irish Coffee Release

Irish coffee was released on the February 28, 2022.

It contained the following bugfixes & improvements:

  • Unpublished events now show in Season Pass, Discount Codes
  • Displaying related third-party TX ids for Payment integration transactions
  • Customer lookup works for fully refunded customers
  • Reverse chronological order when viewing past events list
  • Cloning ticket types, editing date, was losing ticket descriptions
  • Adding tickets with batch upload fix
  • Ticket quantities shouldn't be allowed to be set to a negative number
  • Capacities get updated immediately in reporting on the calendar
  • Dark mode improvement for ticket questions (box office)
  • Dark mode improvement for season pass (edit - requires/activates columns)
  • Image size consistency for poster thumbnails (upcoming events - event page)
  • Calendar - Hitting 'now' correctly changes the year
  • Calendar - Month dropdown doesn't jump about for easier date switching
  • Calendar - Add date modal empty from cancelled event - fix
  • Entering Access code on Super Trolley - fixed
  • Refund response screen - Zero amount fix
  • Discount code bugfix - Showing amount of sales
  • Updating saved questions, change cascades down
  • Hovering over Discount codes Action Icons shows tooltips
  • Unpublished events now show in Season Pass, Discount Codes

New Features

New ways to export sales & revenue
You’re now able to filter your sales and revenue export based on the date of sale, for multiple events and/or timeslots. Click Sales & Revenue in your sidebar, and choose your event. In this example you will export 2 days of incoming sales for the chosen eventsCalendar export You