Jellyfish Release

Jellyfish Release

Jellyfish was released on 9th May, 2022.

Continue reading for new features and updates about our design language, Cornetto.

It also contained the following bugfixes and improvements;

  • Calendar 'Now' button bugfix when the events span multiple years
  • Box office & Ticket Transfer T&Cs link fixes
  • Baskets abandoned after payment deliver faster
  • Ticket Wallet - content ordering improvement
  • Event deletion bugfix on basic package
  • Show calendar link is now showing for exactly 8 dates
  • Citizen Ticket Newsletter Marketing opt-in copy update
  • Discount code amount can take decimal places
  • Clearing mobile number bugfix
  • Payment processing bugfix
  • Copy of discount code bugfix
  • Access code limits bugfix
  • 'Other events from this organiser' upsell returned in checkouts for multi-event festivals
  • Applying an access code in the buy widget applies without page reload / loss of selection
  • Update to language in Refund emails

New Features

One customer per ticket type
Dedicate one entire ticket type for a customer at a time. This is great for time slot events, where you have private sessions for each time slot. A good application is Lane booking for bowling. Create 6 ticket types, called Lane 1, Lane 2,.. Lane 6 and activate this feature
Customer Support Opening Hours
We’ve added our customer support opening hours to our website. This will help customers understand response times and manage expectations of when they will receive a response. They may be surprised to see that we are online for a late-night show or early-morning retreat. Our Customer Support hours…
Bank details mandatory before publishing
Everybody likes to be paid, fast & on-time. That’s why we’re making submitting your bank details a requirement before you can publish your event. So when it comes for us to pay you out for your successful event, you’ll always receive the funds direct to your bank account in a
Warn when purchasing different times to the same event
Picking and choosing a timeslot for a few weeks ahead can be a mission. Speaking to friends, family. Looking at calendars, and planning days. Returning the next day to complete your booking once everyone’s confirmed. If along the way, you’ve mixed and matched times & dates for your tickets, this

Cornetto Design Language

We've been working on a design language for our products over the last year, and you may have noticed it slowly dripping it into the tools you use every day.

By having a strong and consistent design language, it makes designing quicker (as many decisions are already made), it makes coding simpler (as we have made common design elements into reusable components), but most importantly, it makes using our products less jarring and confusing, and improves user confidence when presented with new functionality.

We call our design language Cornetto, because, well we like ice creams.

In Jellyfish, we gave our web platform a good strong smattering of Cornetto. Success, Warning & Error dialogs are more consistent & user-friendly, as are modals, data tables, form inputs and buttons.

We're not at the end of our journey for Cornetto, but we're excited about where the platform's design language is heading. And we've got a couple of big surprises in store soon as well - watch this space.

The Cocktail

This is a bit of a crazy one, the Jellyfish. It's a visual treat, but it's not for the faint hearted - packing sambuca, vodka, and blue curacao liqueur.

  1. You start with a highball glass, and fill it with ice. Add the vodka.
  2. Next, slowly add the blue curacao over the back of a spoon, so as to not mix with the vodka.
  3. Carefully repeat this method with sambuca, and finally, with some double cream (oat cream for dairy-free)
  4. Stir slowly and delicately to achieve this drinks' namesake effect

We'll be practising this one later this week - the jury is still out on whether it's as palatable as it looks!