Platform Release: Old Fashioned

Platform Release: Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned was released on 22nd November, 2022.

New Features

Choose currency on sign-up
Holding an event outside of the UK? When you register, you can choose your currency. You can also switch your currency at any time from your organiser profile. Holding an international event? If you need, you can sell in multiple currencies under the same organiser profile. Did you know? You
Multi-date mode progress bar
Our multi-date mode makes creating multiple times and dates a lot less repetitive, and a lot easier to manage. We’ve introduced a progress bar to clearly convey how long a task is going to take. Additionally, you can now confidently close the window early, and come back later, knowing that
Old Fashioned - Bits & Bobs
We’ve also made a number of small improvements to the platform you may notice: Subdomains limited to organiser eventsAbsorb fee display in checkout Email reminders - clarity improved.Season Passes - Issue tickets - Table elements are now aligned to the table titlesTicket wallet email - visual improv…

The Cocktail

Old Fashioned - a classic, whiskey based tipple - best enjoyed before dinner.

To put one together, dissolve a teaspoon of sugar with some aromatic bitters and a few dashes of water. Add a measure of whiskey and garnish with orange zest, and a large cube of ice. Sometimes simple is best!