How to: Sell tickets for online events

If you're moving from traditional venues to remotely hosting events, we've got a simple way to start selling tickets.

It’s a strange old world out there at the moment... Through these times of change, we’ve been working hard to make sure Citizen Ticket stays flexible and functional for organisers. It’s been inspiring to watch so many already adapting to these new and very unexpected challenges with creativity and positivity, (virtual) fist bumps all round for that! ✊

With that in mind, we’ve released some new functionality to enable ticket sales for online events.

What is it?

A simple and fast way to start selling tickets to events that are hosted online instead of in traditional venues.

Why should I use it?

Although events as we know them are on pause at the moment, there’s still a hunger for a sense of community, sharing knowledge, and indulging in our interests.

So whether you’re setting up a daily fitness class, live gig, or a tutored workshop from your sofa, we’ve got you covered.

How do I do it?

Start creating a new event as normal, if you haven’t joined Citizen Ticket as an organiser yet, complete your profile here.

When you come to ‘Location’ choose ‘Virtual / online’ and follow the guides to input your info.

Citizen Ticket | Create tickets for online events

You’ll need to provide your guests with a link to access your event in the ‘URL’ box. Popular platforms to host videos on include Google Meet, Zoom and Skype. If you don’t have this to hand when you're first creating your event, don't worry, you can come back later and add it in.

Don’t forget to add any extra access info, consider things like: Will guests need to create an account on the platform in advance? Will they need to download an app? Is there a password for your event?

Citizen Ticket | Create tickets for an online event

You can make access to your event public or exclusive to ticket buyers with the “Ticket must be purchased to access URL” checkbox, and choose when to release access instructions to guests.

Citizen Ticket | Create tickets for an online event

Click ‘Add Location’ to save. This will then be displayed in the ‘My locations’ list on the right hand side, select ‘Choose’ to set your event location.

Citizen Ticket | Create tickets for an online event

Complete the rest of the event setup, and when it comes to tickets, all paid, free or ‘name your price’ can be created for use with online events. Once you’re finished and have hit ‘publish’, your event page will look like this:

Citizen Ticket | Online event page

‘Email & Newsletters’ also works great in conjunction with this to inform and share links with guests. ‘Attendees & Guests’ will keep track of your ticket buyers, and when they click ‘Access online event’ they’ll be noted under the ‘Used' column. The CT App will also show guests as scanned when they click this, so you can see exactly who got involved with your event.

Start selling tickets to your online event by clicking here.

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