The Email Centre - A one-stop-shop

Our Email Centre let's you communicate directly with your ticket holders on our platform.

The Email Centre - A one-stop-shop

Communication is key. Especially in the current circumstances when everything seems to be changing day by day.

That is why we have our Email Centre so you have the tools and ease to contact your ticket holders at any moment, all in one place.

You’ll find the Email Centre in your Dashboard to send out your marketing e-newsletters or important event updates to your custom-built audiences.

Not to mention, this will save you paying for a separate subscription on an external email platform 😉

How do I use it?

We’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you create your email, but first, let's have a quick overview.

You can use this feature by signing into your Dashboard > My events >  Marketing > Emails & Newsletter.

Build your “Audience” and create a new dynamic list of recipients based on several filter options e.g “Event genre” or “Ticket Purchased”. You can build different “Audiences” for different purposes, giving you the control on who your emails are being sent to.

Then the creation of your email begins. We’ve got handy templates to help you out, which you can customise to incorporate your branding and add a catchy subject line.

Before sending it off, preview the email to look for any final tweaks and then choose a date and time you want the email to be sent out.

Once you’re happy you can “Activate to send” and just like that, you’ve ticked off something from the to-do list and communicated with your audience.

Lastly, the Email Centre lets you track how many people each email has reached.

Like we mentioned earlier, this is great for letting people know about event changes/information and promoting your upcoming events to those who have previously purchased a ticket.

Give it a go and get talking to your audience!

Use the Email Centre step-by-step guide here.

Got a question? Ask away here.